Handmade Paper Notes & Cards

Villagers sort flowers

Villagers sort flowers and separate petals from stems so they can be added to World Paper’s Tree-Free paper pulp.

Children in papermaking villages

Children in papermaking villages, like everywhere in the world, enjoy paper hats and pets from their natural environment.


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Beautiful, Tree-Free, Handmade Paper Blank Boxed Notes & Individual Cards

Tactile, thick notes and cards, crafted totally by hand with paper made from cloth scraps and blades of grass, benefits artisans and helps preserve trees. Each botanical image is hand-tipped onto a recessed square framed by a raised edge. The effect is rich. Each note or card is soft to the touch with a blank inside, flat for easy writing with any pen or marker.

Notes and Cards 
Notes (4.5x5)
come six in a box with matching tree-free, thick, handmade paper envelopes (use glue stick or sticker to seal).

Cards (5x7) come each protected by an individual cello sleeve

Bodhi Leaf   Lotus

NFBL (boxed note) • CBL (single card)
Bodhi means enlightenment or wisdom and the Leaf is from the tree Buddha became enlightened under. Made with White Grass Paper.


NFLL (boxed note) • CLL-W (single card) The Lotus Flower is a symbol of purity, rebirth and divinity. Made with White Grass Paper.

Daisy   Yellow Rose

NFD (boxed note) • CD (single card)
The unpretentious daisy is associated with childhood, innocence and gentleness. Made with White Grass Paper.


NFYR (boxed note) • CYR (single card)
Yellow Roses convey friendship, caring, joy and good cheer. Made with Ivory Grass Paper.

Puffball   Rose

NFPB (boxed note) • CPB (single card)
The delicate puff symbolizes wish-fulfillment, new beginnings and clarity. Blowing the puff spreads wishes along with its seeds. Made with White Grass Paper.


CCR-CUW (single card only)
Lavender Roses signify enchantment, magic, creativity, love-at-first-sight and infinite possibility. Made white Grass Paper.


CLV-W (single card only)
These sweet-smelling flowers appropriately represent sweetness and also purity, purity of heart, humility and a return to happiness. Made with White Grass Handmade Paper.