Tree-Free Statement Journals

Lush, tree-free and made totally by hand. World Paper’s journals are comfortable to the touch with blank white pages that make writing or sketching feel uniquely enjoyable.  Every page is sewn in so it never falls out. The paper pulp is made from cloth scraps left from underwear and tee-shirt manufacture and sometimes jute fibers which are beaten apart in water. Next artisans make each sheet by hand.

The cover is hand-bound and hand silk-screened to convey texture and depth of color. World Paper’s journals are homage to craftsmanship and look nothing like mass-made, machine printed journals common today. Papers made from golden jute fibers and stitching are used to enhance journal covers and create a textured feel.

Tree-Free Statement Journals


World Paper's Journals are designed By Alexandra Soteriou and Sonya Szostak

Alexandra Soteriou  Sonya Szostak

Tree-Free Statement Journals

Texture, strength, durability and color are all hallmarks of handmade paper.

Ancient Buddhist manuscripts found in the caves

Stacks of birch-bark paper rolls, the way paper used to be thousands of years ago, are piled along the entrance of a tea-stall high in the mountains of a remote Pakistani village.

Once used for ancient Buddhist manuscripts, locals now use the paper to make talismans worn around the neck, wrap butter so it can be buried to last, or to line the ceilings of thatched dwellings to keep the wind out.

When World Paper founder Alexandra Soteriou explored these remote hills she learned that ancient Buddhist manuscripts found in the caves had been removed used by locals to insulate their roofs!

Alexandra’s book, Gift of Conquerors Hand Papermaking in India

To learn more, see Alexandra’s book, Gift of Conquerors Hand Papermaking in India.


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Yoga Journal or Sketchbook JL-YG
Colossal with blank white handmade paper, sewn-in pages 8.5 x12